Advanced Shape Detection And
Object Analysis

Vy is a software company utilizing artificial intelligence to collect hard data from visual imagery involving critical and consequential decisions.

We apply transparent and auditable mathematical models (Bézier curves and decision trees) to collect this data.


Vy’s patented image analysis methodology produces a pictorial record of how its diagnostic or research decisions are made in addition to producing hard data that can be displayed in an industry standard database. More importantly, it provides a powerful methodology to refine those decisions through a set of fully auditable rules. We call this methodology Shape Based Modeling Segmentation (SBMS).

Recent advances in computer vision due to deep learning have dramatically improved state-of-the-art techniques for object detection, but training and labeling can be very time consuming. SBMS significantly increases the speed and efficiency of labeling and convergence.


Vy’s software is designed to accomplish three important goals:

  • Improved Output

    Increase the quality and quantity of hard data available to make use case relevant decisions

  • Reliable Detection

    Reliably detect objects and areas of interest in airborne imagery from a moving target on a moving platform

  • Resource Efficiency​​​​

    Leverage automated systems to process large volumes of tactical and surveillance imagery that far exceeds the capacity of human resources


Aerospace & Defense

Vy’s data collection systems are capable of identifying uncommon targets in electro-optical, multi-spectral, and synthetic aperture radar imagery where little data is currently available for training.


Vy’s CytoSavvy brand data analytics services target the artificial intelligence analytics segment of three distinct verticals: collagen, orthopedics, and oncology.