Technologies to collect data are becoming far more robust and very efficient. Examples include video, lidar, radar, sonar, and acoustic or audio information.

Outlined below are three areas where Vy’s highly reliable shape detection can add value to existing solutions while opening the possibility of innovative new solutions.

Video Search & Analysis

Reliably searching videos for objects and activities of interest is a huge problem for law enforcement, industry, and the military. Major cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston have access to tens of thousands of security cameras while the volume of airborne imagery and full motion video content continues to increase and consistently exceeds the capacity of human eyes-on resources available. New techniques are needed to automatically detect and identify objects and areas of interest in full motion video.

Vy’s SBMS Bézier elements have a marked tendency to discover and “attach” to orderly edges in images without training. Our DragonFly video analysis product line significantly reduces training time and increases the accuracy of deep learning systems. We accomplish this by pre-segmenting video imagery using Bézier curves which allows neural nets to converge faster and improve accuracy. Vy’s SBMS methodology is particularly good at finding occluded objects while providing an audit trail to diagnose problems and limit the malicious training problem.

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Vy provides Shape Based Modeling Segmentation through its Vy Life Sciences product line as both a stand-alone product and a cloud-based service. Vy Life Sciences has developed a powerful new paradigm for objective, numerical characterization of fibrillar collagen used in artificial heart valves. Traditionally, only second-harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy has been available to accomplish this task.

Our method uses conventional imagery, requires no special tools (optics, illumination sources, etc.) and can analyze large-format images in less than one-hundredth the time needed by existing SHG methods on a per-unit area basis. Additional products encompass dashboards for Bone Density, Inflammation, Wound Healing, and a variety of Cancers where data collection is notoriously inaccurate and currently has to be performed 100% manually.

Custom Projects

Vy has developed powerful tools to identify shapes and objects of interest. Using our proprietary, third generation workbench, we can build stand-alone applications for specific use cases or integrate more complex object models or decision-making capabilities into an existing application or installation. If reliable shape detection or object decision-making is critical to your project, please call us at 888-95IMAGE (888-954-6243) to discuss your requirements.

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