Geospatial Videos

Below are a series of research videos demonstrating Vy’s technology. Vy has developed and patented a powerful set of algorithms collectively called Shape Based Modeling Segmentation (SBMS). SBMS uses scale and angle invariant Bézier Curves to identify objects and areas of interest in real world video. 

By linking related Bézier curves together, SBMS is able to find and characterize objects faster, more reliably, and with complete transparency and auditability. Results of the analysis are saved in an industry standard SQL database that can be displayed or integrated into a larger system.

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Storm Analysis
  • Bézier curves can be utilized to collect a new class of data for texture characterization of hurricanes, weather, and insect swarms
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Occluded Objects
  • Occlusions can make it very difficult to detect and characterize objects and areas of interest​
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GIS shape Files
  • Automated feature extraction is a critical requirement within geospatial analysis because of the cost and tedious effort required to manually extract features.
  • This video shows how Vy’s MetaBézier technology can be used to autonomously create GIS Shape Files
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Change Detection
  • Spatial-temporal analysis is a critical capability necessary to autonomously detect potential threats, measure anthropogenic activities, and perform change detection.​